A look at Aaron Rodgers, the celebrity

By Don Walker | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Nov. 28, 2012

Aaron Rodgers is everywhere these days. He does ads for Pizza Hut, State Farm Insurance, Ford Motor Co., and the Gruber law office, to name a few.

He volunteers his time with the MACC Fund. He even has good manners: he apologized to fans when his Green Bay Packers were crushed by the New York Giants.

Rodgers is, in short, a celebrity in addition to being a professional football player. But has Rodgers become better known nationally since he won the NFL's MVP award?

Yes, according to research done by The Marketing Arm, a marketing firm that studies celebrity through its DBI Index. The index determines a celebrity's ability to influence brand affinity and consumer purchase intent.

The agency notes that Rodgers is known by nearly half of all U.S. consumers, which is up from a year ago. And he ranks among the top 150 celebrities (out of 3,000 in the DBI database) in several key attributes. They are aspiration; breakthrough; endorsement; influence; trendsetting; and trust. The rankings were determined in October.

That famous chip on his shoulder that Rodgers often talks about and that motivates his play earned him a ranking of 18th among all celebrities under Aspiration. In August 2011, he ranked 67th in that category.

On the Endorsement scale, Rodgers ranks 42nd. In August 2011, he ranked 121st.

On Influence, he ranked 53rd in October of this year. In August 2011, he ranked 108th.

In an appearance on his radio show with reporter Jason Wilde on WAUK-AM (540) earlier this season, Rodgers mentioned that he thinks he's reached the maximum point for exposure in the ads he's done. That may be, but for now Rodgers is getting recognized more and more nationally.