do well by doing good

Brands have a huge opportunity to connect with consumers using those things that affect our planet, our communities, our family and our most closely held values. And we believe business truly cares about the communities they serve. So The Marketing Arm helps brands build worthwhile programs that align both the brand and the business with the communities it touches, to raise awareness and support for what affects them both.

As one of America's most recognized brand-side cause marketing agencies, our goal is always to deliver big ideas, programs, and platforms that align brands with consumers, and now business with charity. To do that, we connect our clients and their brands with the most effective nonprofit organizations, giving them the tools they need to empower change through timely programs, campaigns, events, and ideas that focus on issues most relevant to your customers.

Our recently launched CSRconnect platform, in conjunction with our partner YourCause, furthers our breadth and capabilities within cause and is quickly becoming the standard for progressive organizations seeking to engage employees and communities in their overall brand and Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) strategy. Through CSRconnect, companies are able to establish dialogue and act up on the insights delivered by its users -- whether employees or customers -- to gain crucial cause insight.