spring break

Story has it, when he was a high school and college student, The Marketing Arm founder/CEO Ray Clark never went on Spring Break. He was busy working. Today, he rewards hard-working employees with a Spring Break trip of their choice, including airfare, lodging, and a little spending money.

tma tennis days

Nadal? Not so much. Serena? Sorry. But we still like to hit the courts a couple times a year for volley or two. Keeps the competitive juices flowing! View Photos

mistake at the lake

Sure, we have Summer Fridays. Nice, but not particularly memorable. After all, it's just cutting out a little early for the weekend. So once every summer since 1999, we rent a big ol' houseboat, a couple of Jet Skis, and a ski boat and hit the lake for a day of water recreation and relaxation. Beats running errands on a Friday afternoon in August.