Don't interrupt. Integrate. That's what we've deftly done for brands for 30 years through product placement, storyline integration, and promotion. The secret? Understanding our clients' objectives and a collaborative approach.


The big screen offers timeless allure and a huge canvas for brands. The Marketing Arm helps brands tap the global scale of the film platform to harness and execute seamless connections between brands and film properties.


The soundtrack of life. The universal language. Music has incredible sway in our lives. Our music practice offers expertise and understanding of today's music labels, licensing, access to major artists, and music tour management.


With expertise in ARG production, tournament planning and architecture around game promotions, brand-centric gaming activations and content development, our team makes your brand an integral part of the gaming experience.

celebrity talent

Knowing which stars to align with and how to best use the power of celebrity is where the experience and savvy of our talent relations division comes into play. From tapping the right talent to licensing rights even developing organic relationships between brands and influencers through seeding and events.

branded content

Content is king. And we can help you extend the content you currently have; capture content from a live event; develop, produce and distribute original content from music videos and short films to web series and behind-the-scenes documentaries, all carefully designed to meet your marketing objectives.