rule the conversation

At The Marketing Arm, we understand how to navigate the fragmented social media space to micro-target exact niche audiences. We don't interrupt the consumer; rather we engage and empower them to participate in our marketing.

We activate one-to-one conversations with niche communities. With the belief that education is the cornerstone of any effective campaign, we work to distribute clear brand messages to the right audience, while teaching clients how to be successful in the new world of digital word-of-mouth marketing.

Our philosophy is simple; bring people closer to the things they love and they will do the marketing for you.

The Marketing Arm's social media capabilities include:

  • Social consulting, strategy and planning

  • Fan and influencer outreach

  • Site and blog integrations and promotions

  • Knowledge marketplace

  • Conversation monitoring and consumer research

  • Digital content distribution

  • Social network loyalty and engagement

  • Social tools and emerging technologies

  • Digital reporting, metrics and analytics